Commit DNFT To Sections
(Continous Buy Back And Burn Till Supply = 10m)
DNFT Stake Pool
Stake And Earn ETH/USDT/USDC
DNFT Hedge Fund
Use DNFT Token To Lend ETH/USDT/USDC From Hedge Fund
Eligibility To Vote For Changes


DEXNIFTY Is The First Fully Decentralized NFT Marketplace Owned 100% By The Community.

The idea was born out of the lack of a truly DAO NFT platform. A community earning from every NFT transaction. A platform that also incorporates DeFi capabilities with a token that is able to counter inflation rates thereby conveying true value for the token holders and the community.

DEXNIFTY is a 100% community-owned, self-sustained project. The founding team has chosen to stay anonymous and will not take credit for any progress made by DEXNIFTY.

This approach will further strengthen the decentralization plan, as all updates and new features will be voted for, and decided by the community.

All initial token holders and investors get a fair entry point; no whitelisting for investors, no initial pre token sale and no VC.

Becoming a part of DEXNIFTY's self governed community gives investors access to participate in the Governance decisions through voting.

Investors will have access to the most competent and reliable Staking options. Investors will have access to participate in both Lending and Borrowing.

The essence of this platform is not for the NFT market alone, the essence of this platform is to form a community that will push innovations and ideas

DEXNIFTY is limitless.